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Grensetjänsten Norway-Sweden

Cross-border cooperation in order to facilitate economic activity and growth in Norway and Sweden.

Grensetjänsten works across 4 key areas:


The most important thing for people and companies who conduct any form of business cross-border is getting the right information. Through its own expertise and access to a network of authorities, Grensetjänsten is able to provide the most comprehensive information possible to its customers.


Another function of Grensetjänsten is to resolve any obstacles or problems related to cross-border mobility. To resolve this problems and to enable the best possible dialogue between Norwegian and Swedish authorities, Grensetjänsten has established simplification groups for both business and private matters. In addition to that, our Border Council has existed for many years between Sweden and Norway, where problems and simplifications are reported and prioritized. In the Nordic region, we work together with other regional information services and Info Norden on simplifications and border barriers, which we then report to the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Freedom of movement Council. Some obstacles can be solved directly by the authorities, others require political processes.


We provide information, advice and guidance concerning the labour markets in Norway and Sweden to employees, job seekers and employers.


Grensetjänsten is an important coordinator between the authorities in each country. We have different activities for the customers within social insurance, taxation and other fields. In addition, Grensetjänsten is an active forum where authorities and organisations from both countries are able to cooperate.


Grensetjänsten is a cross-border cooperation between Norway and Sweden. The service is financed by several national authorities in Sweden, Norway and the Nordic region. Employment services, social insurance services, tax authorities, customs, employee organisations and employer organisations are just some of the parties that are active in Grensetjänsten. We are based at the Morokulien Infocenter, situated right on the border.


The border crossing at Morokulien is the second largest between Norway and Sweden.

We are located on Norwegian National Road 2/Swedish National Road 61 between Kongsvinger and Arvika. The name Morokulien is derived from the name of a Norwegian/Swedish radio programme: 'Moro og kul i en' - from which the name Morokulien comes. Grensetjänsten's office is situated in the Infocenter, which is divided by the Sweden/Norway border. There is also a peace monument located in the middle of the border, which was erected in 1914 in memory of 100 years of peace in Scandinavia. Morokulien is also a destination in its own right, with many tourists from around the world coming to visit.


Historically, there has always been a great deal of cross-border activity between Norway and Sweden. There has always been a bustling trade and a substantial cross-border movement of workforce throughout the years. Sweden is one of Norway's most important trading partners and vice versa. The border between Norway and Sweden is the longest in Europe. It stretches over 1610 kilometres from north to south. Additionally, it is also the border of both the EU and NATO. Even though Norway is not a member of the EU, it is a member of the EEA.


Grensetjänsten's primary task is to receive and respond to questions from people and businesses who conduct some form of cross-border activity. Cooperation commenced in 1997 with the founding of the joint Norwegian/Swedish public employment service at Morokulien. Today, Grensetjänsten is a well-functioning information centre with qualified staff. The Service has developed from being an information office on local/regional basis to providing a service to all of Norway and Sweden. The need for cross-border information keeps on growing, as is evidenced in the increasing enquiries to the Grensetjänsten information centre.

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